Race Routes

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Mile Route Description

  • Start line is North of Finish line in Star Street.
  • Turn left and East at road Junction into Andrew Mapheto Drive.
  • Turn left and North into Métis Street.
  • Turn left and West into Reverend RTJ Namane Drive.
  • Turn left and South into Start Street.
  • Pass through the Start line and finish at Manhole outside Arts Centre.

10km Route Description

  • The race will commence on Star Street opposite the main entrance of Makhulong Stadium.
  • Proceed north in Star street to junction with Skylab.
  • Turn left and west into Skylab Street.
  • Turn left and south into Jabu Mdunge Street.
  • Turn right into RTJ Namane Drive/Straight line
  • Proceed on RTJ Namane -Pass Mehlareng Stadium on your left, Capprivi on your right.
  • Turn left into Andrew Mapheto Drive.
  • Go under the pedestrian and train bridge (at about 5km)
  • Pass Sasol Garage ,Multipurpose Center and Tembisa High School on your left .
  • Tembisa Police Station and Kings Palace on your right.
  • Pass the ZCC church on your left and join the street mile route .Run the mile route to the finish.

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